The Experience


The core of Jam Cruise lies within the 5 days and nights of music, but over the years the Jam Cruise experience has grown to encompass activities, special programs, extras sets, theme nights and more that help make our adventure truly unique! There is always something exciting happening onboard, in every corner of the ship. Discover everything that makes Jam Cruise so special...


Ever done karaoke with ALO as your backing band? Played a game of poker with Ivan Neville? How about sat in on a jazz workshop with Skerik, Mike Dillon, and Vernon Reid? On Jam Cruise, activities like these are not just pipe-dreams, they’re a very real part of the experience! From stimulating workshops to downright hilarious games and contests, the Jam Cruise always has something fun and exciting going on - often including artists!

Theme Nights:

Theme Nights are a Jam Cruise tradition, a unique opportunity for Cruisers to unleash their creativity and show off their costumes and festive spirit true to that night’s theme. Themes vary year to year and have included everything from Red Night to Party Animals, Cirque du Funk to Yacht Club, and almost everything in between! Jam Cruise 15 Theme Nights will be revealed in the coming months giving Jam Cruisers plenty of time to plan.

Special Sets:

You probably already know about the Jam Room, where band barriers are broken down and a nightly host leads inspired, in-the-moment late night jam sessions with a rotating cast of artists. In a similar spirit to the Jam Room, Jam Cruise also hosts the Jazz Lounge, an improvisational spectacle featuring an all-star list of artists onboard who play jazz, and even some who usually don’t! Add in intimate piano sets, late night acoustic jams at The Spot, and you’ll quickly learn that there is more music on Jam Cruise than you ever thought possible!

Brews at Sea:

Bringing some of the top craft breweries in the country aboard, the Brews at Sea program assures Jam Cruisers never go thirsty and are never short on hops! From their Pool Deck headqaurters where a rotating lineup of beers are served, to various activities such as the Cruiser-favorite Brews at Sea Fest, this onboard program continues to get better each year. 

Chefs at Sea:

Jam Cruise brings a lineup of eclectic and exciting artists to the ship, and that same idealogy is brought to the Chefs at Sea program! Nightly late night buffets are curated by professional chefs hailing from all over the country and all different backgrounds. With each chef bringing their unique talents and vision to the kitchen, the Chefs at Sea program can get your mouth watering just thinking about it!

Yoga at Sea:

Another growing program that is quickly becoming a hit among Cruisers, Yoga at Sea brings professional yoginis to teach their art in the most serene of settings - on a cruise ship surrounded by a breathtaking 360 view of the ocean! With artist accompaniment and live music often providing the soundtrack, Yoga at Sea goes so well with the vibe of Jam Cruise and is not to be missed by seasoned practicers and beginners alike!

Loyalty Programs:

Over the years, a Jam Cruise community has been built up with Repeat Offenders and Lifers leading the charge. Repeat Offenders are individuals who have sailed on 4 or more Jam Cruises, while Lifers are those with at least 10 sailings under their belts. Through pre-book perks, onboard gifts and gatherings, and other services, both Repeat Offenders and Lifers are thanked gratefully for their loyalty to Jam Cruise!


While traveling the Caribbean, take advantage of everything you can while Jam Cruise stops in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Snorkeling, zip-lining, and beach adventures are some of the top Cruiser pastimes when we port. But there is so much more out there! Be sure to visit the Reception Desk on the ship to book your adventure or get more information. Be sure to check out what Positive Legacy has in store for their Day of Service too!